Monday, February 15, 2016

Eruption 01: The return to Cucken (Action)

Just a typical happy day coming home after a good frisbee training when I realize the only game on the Newgrounds Under Judgement page happens to be a rage game. Well... so much for that happy day.


Design (2/5 enemies) - I think there are some cool mechanics but I believe a lot could be improved with the overall design like I'll explain later on in this review.

Audio (3/5 beeps) - Definitely fits the style of this game, from the sound effects to the background music. It would be better if the background music was more pumped up since it's an action game after all. Not to mention all the sounds get repetitive after some time. Some variation of pitch in the enemy death sounds would help.

Mechanics (3/5 z-keys) - I like the point system but I believe it could be improved. It is however, pretty hard to shoot the enemies at all, it makes the gun seem much less important (although the shield-like extra life was a nice touch).

Art (1/5 guns) - It was pretty hard to see the score in the background and to be honest it was quite hard to tell the things apart at first. Despite being a rage game, the player should be able to clearly tell what a gun is and go after it.


Unclear (1/5 instructions) - I didn't know I could move till after my second death purely because the instructions didn't specify that I should or could. Other than that, I was under the assumption that I could shoot at will but I didn't know I needed a gun. Also I had to really figure out the point system for myself after a while. I ended up more confused than I was enraged.

No progress (2/5 deaths) - You have some work to do on the level design that would make it a much more fun game. The player really can't move from any of the platforms smoothly. If you make them all accessible by jump the player can get into better and more strategic positions to keep killing and progressing in the game. The enemies flow out at quite a constant rate too so every time I kill one of em I end up back on the same point because I fall to the platform.


I honestly think that this game has a huge amount of potential because it could be a very fun, more strategic action platformer instead of just a platformer like many other rage games out there. Hope to see more of it! Gambateh!

Rage out all you want right here: Eruption 01: The return to Cucken


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