Sunday, March 13, 2016

Nidus (Platformer)

A simple one level platformer with a captivating little chick as a character. However, there are something I'm sure you could be doing better.


Design (3/5 birds) - Pretty simple and clear cut design, find these letters and finish the level. However, I believe there are improvements to be made as I'll mention later on in this review.

Audio (4/5 sounds) - Good sound effects and catchy background music, however, and its not a priority, but it would help if you varied the sound effects in terms of pitch so it doesn't sound the same all the time. Therefore, keeping your player a little more engaged.

Mechanics (3/5 hats) - Once again, pretty simple stuff fitting for a simple game. But I think there could be tweaks made as well as I'll mention later on.

Art (4/5 trees) - Simple but I really like the animations, kept the whole experience very serene.


Glitches (1/5 turnovers) - Glitches are a problem in pretty much every game. For example, once when I killed one of the dark birds, it just kept moving but instead upside down. It ended up killing me. I also tend to get stuck often in random areas. Lastly, I didn't actually finish collecting all the letters before finishing the level which just ended anyway (Ended up with NI_US).

Running Blind (2/5 maps) - There was a lot of parts in the game where I had no idea where to go or even if there was any land below me. This was a problem because I found myself just taking the leap of faith a couple times hoping that it was the right place. I believe you could have done it better by letting the player choose or at least see his/her next move rather than an empty space.

Boooost (3/5 feathers) - As fun as the super boost when flying was, it felt crazy fast and exaggerated. I found myself off the map way too many times. A simple fix could be to not increase its upward speed by as much as it is or at least make it visible for the player to see how far he/she is going instead of just feeling like the chick teleported.


Despite all the complaints, it was a very cute little game with some nice sound effects and animations that I appreciate. Can't wait for more!

Attack dark birds with some fancy hats right here for yourself: Nidus

Zombidle (Incremental)

Alright so I've been working on my own incremental game recently and stumbled upon this gem. This is much less of a review than it is a documentation of things I should learn from when making incremental games. So I'm sorry if I can't offer you anything beneficial to the improvement of your game. Needless to say, I had a ton of fun playing it, great work!


Design (4.5/5 bobs) - There are aspects of the game I think all new incremental game developers could learn from. However, the only time I would say I got bored (even for just a little) was after my revisit to the game. I'll explain all the likes and one dislike of the game later on.

Audio (5/5 screams) - Audio quality and control pretty much perfect from the different volumes set and how it all contributed well to the chaos.

Mechanics (5/5 clicks) - Well integrated system and easily understood interface.

Art (5/5 farms) - Polished and coherent artwork,


Revisiting (3/5 millions) - When I revisited the game I got up to 7M in skulls which I thought couldn't possibly have meant 7 million. That's when I realized it actually was just that and I spent it all to become suddenly super powerful. The effect it had on me was the same as when I use cheats in single player RPG games which, after awhile, makes the game dull because I'm already as powerful as I can be. HOWEVER, this time the difficulty shot up very rapidly and I soon found myself in practically the same place I was yesterday. I didn't expect that to happen and I really applaud the developers on that.

*All the rest are 5/5 so I won't bother rating them, let them just be lessons for myself and future developers.

Clicker is key - Economically the clicker was the best option to get early on in the game which was exactly what it should have been. I was caught into making myself the most powerful tool instead of any of the automated monsters because it just made more sense money-wise.

Running men - Keeps player engaged with great rewards from accuracy while also keeping the player challenged at random times.

Scrolls - Ads feel like a rarity not something that is just put up in every level. Other than that, they give great benefits that increase in duration over time which keeps the player even more engaged.

Chaos is glorious - The damage points, the exploding houses, the burning people, the spell that sends beautiful clicks from the sky.

Godlike - New areas start you off feeling like the most powerful being once you begin because they are broken much easier.


Too addictive. Beware.

Play it for hours for yourself right here: Zombidle

Saturday, March 5, 2016

ThunderBolt (Side Scroller)


Design (3/5 jumps) - I believe you could do better with the implementation of randomly generated platforms. Maybe applying a learning curve even, getting harder over time (Maybe there is, I just didn't realize it other than the screen scrolling faster).

Audio (4.5/5 songs) - Loved how well it worked with the retro style of the game!

Mechanics (3/5 slams) - Pretty simple stuff overall, maybe more could be added in the future to toughen things up and make it all the more interesting.

Art (4.5/5 backgrounds) - The game itself is beautiful looking in my opinion, the player sometimes get lost in the confusion of everything going on and the things going on in the background which is a problem. Make your player and platforms stand out and all is well~


Lost (1/5 players) - Like I mentioned earlier, finding the player sometimes was a problem because of all the art.

Impossibruuu (2/5 deaths) - Sometimes it was just impossible to be able to past an obstacle because after slamming there wasn't space or time for me to jump back to the next platform.

Da feels (4.5/5 runs) - Overall the elements worked well to run a mostly well polished game. When I did manage to get the moves down just in the nick of time, the ultimate feeling of pro-ness surged through me which made me want to play all the more.


Beautiful game with a few flaws that, if fixed, would make it one hell of a side scroller. Good job!

Run, jump, slam, repeat right here: ThunderBolt

Chopterfury (Side Scroller)

I'M BACK! All right so I've learnt to live with and love the NewGrounds new games system. There's still an equal amount of new games coming in each day and now they've drastically been able to get rid of the spam from Under Judgement. So now I'll be focusing still on 2 reviews a week, choosing the games on the first page with the most appealing name and pictures in my opinion.


Design (4/5 levels) - It was a pretty fun game overall. Some levels were made to feel awesome which I really like. Other than that, the suggestions and tips before each level are pretty hilarious at times.

Audio (4/5 beats) - Loved the sound, especially since you mention its original. I think there could be more of a variation because this particular sound is just repeated on and on. However, its coherent with the game itself, good job!

Mechanics (4.5/5 powerups) - Absolutely loved the powerup system. Especially how you can have multiple projectiles at once. Just wish the player had more control over which ones he/she picked. Maybe it can be a customizable thing in the future.

Art (2/5 sprites) - The art itself was coherent throughout the game its just that it felt a little amateur.


Can't pause (2/5 buttons) - Despite being able to stop the game to skip the level. I would love to have had a button to exit out to the main menu again once in game instead of having to complete the level.

Bugs (3/5 glitches) - The reason this is rated 3 is because I didn't face many. Sometimes I'd die even if I wasn't really stuck which was a little annoying but that was about it.

Power (5/5 bombs) - You can really feel the power surging through as you collect multiple projectile powerups and start to destroy everything.


It's an overall very fun shoot-em-up side scroller with lots of potential.

Bomb all the terrain for yourself right here: Chopterfury

Monday, February 15, 2016

Madness Adventure DEMO (Platformer)

I know it's just a demo but I believe you could avoid and learn from some of the common design flaws in platformers.


Design (2/5 platform) - The game just has all the mechanics of a very basic platformer. The UI was a little amateur as well. Lastly, you should consider adding instructions, never assume the player knows the buttons for the game.

Audio (3/5 backgrounds) - I really liked the background music and I think it fit well with the game. However, there wasn't any audio anywhere else like in the title screen or any sound effects when dying.

Mechanics (1/5 jumps) - As I mentioned, you have the very basic mechanics. You need your game to stand out from the whole ocean of platformers already out there.

Art (1/5 crosses) - I'm sure you can do much better for all the art in this game!


No progression (1/5 balls) - It got boring pretty quickly for me. The game introduced two new enemies but then it lost the challenge. I suggest you make it harder over time for the player by either adding more of the initial obstacles introduced or introducing new ones. You should also add some checkpoints.

Cling (1.5/5 walls) - I could cling to the sides of the platforms and rise anyway which I doubt is meant to be a feature.

Shock (2/5 songs) - I like the background as I mentioned earlier but it gave me a huge shock at the start because of how loud and sudden the beginning was. Not to mention, I didn't expect there to be any music since it was absolutely silent before that.


You have the basics down, now its time to make your game stand out and polish it to perfection. Good luck!

Jump around for yourself right here: Madness Adventure DEMO

Eruption 01: The return to Cucken (Action)

Just a typical happy day coming home after a good frisbee training when I realize the only game on the Newgrounds Under Judgement page happens to be a rage game. Well... so much for that happy day.


Design (2/5 enemies) - I think there are some cool mechanics but I believe a lot could be improved with the overall design like I'll explain later on in this review.

Audio (3/5 beeps) - Definitely fits the style of this game, from the sound effects to the background music. It would be better if the background music was more pumped up since it's an action game after all. Not to mention all the sounds get repetitive after some time. Some variation of pitch in the enemy death sounds would help.

Mechanics (3/5 z-keys) - I like the point system but I believe it could be improved. It is however, pretty hard to shoot the enemies at all, it makes the gun seem much less important (although the shield-like extra life was a nice touch).

Art (1/5 guns) - It was pretty hard to see the score in the background and to be honest it was quite hard to tell the things apart at first. Despite being a rage game, the player should be able to clearly tell what a gun is and go after it.


Unclear (1/5 instructions) - I didn't know I could move till after my second death purely because the instructions didn't specify that I should or could. Other than that, I was under the assumption that I could shoot at will but I didn't know I needed a gun. Also I had to really figure out the point system for myself after a while. I ended up more confused than I was enraged.

No progress (2/5 deaths) - You have some work to do on the level design that would make it a much more fun game. The player really can't move from any of the platforms smoothly. If you make them all accessible by jump the player can get into better and more strategic positions to keep killing and progressing in the game. The enemies flow out at quite a constant rate too so every time I kill one of em I end up back on the same point because I fall to the platform.


I honestly think that this game has a huge amount of potential because it could be a very fun, more strategic action platformer instead of just a platformer like many other rage games out there. Hope to see more of it! Gambateh!

Rage out all you want right here: Eruption 01: The return to Cucken

Friday, February 12, 2016

Grumpy Turtle (Arcade)

I'm just going to put it straight out there: The music in this game is seriously creeping me out. I know it's a scary forest and everything but damn there should be a warning label for that soundtrack.


Design (1/5 jumps) - The design of the game could use some improvements which I will specify later on.

Audio (2/5 creeps) - As I mentioned, I got the creeps just from listening, I firmly believe you could find a better soundtrack to set the atmosphere for this game especially with a cute turtle being your star. Not to mention, the fish and sword sounds could use some tweaking to be more coherent with the overall atmosphere.

Mechanics (3/5 fishes) - To be fair, I think most of the mechanics in these kind of games are more or less the same and you have that mostly down. Just work on the implementation.

Art (2/5 castles) - The turtle's animation is rough and the background could definitely be better as something the user wants to strive to see.


Unfair (1/5 swords) - Some times it is out of pure luck that I get as far as I do and then at some parts I have absolutely no way of continuing no matter my skill level. It becomes more a game of luck this way which I think needs to be changed. You could always check out how your competitors like doodle jump have implemented their game mechanics to make the player always feel in control.

Slow Progress? (2/5 turtles) - I understand the you are a turtle and all but I think, at least with the current mechanics, that the turtle could follow the mouse fully instead of slowing moving towards that location. Other than that, it feels awesome in some games to have a huge boost when collecting multiple fish because you get to shoot straight up. However, this game limits you to its screen that's slowly progressing upwards, I think you could take some ideas from that.


Long way to go but at the very least you have the mechanics sorted out. Don't give up!

Fly your own turtle to the top right here: Grumpy Turtle

Tandem Pumping (Rhythm)

Woah woah Newgrounds, slow down! I went on a 4-day holiday to come back and find that there's only 2 games in under judgement. Whats worse is that I come back after dinner to find it replaced by three more... I have no idea what's going on but I guess I'm going to have to write this one quickly especially since its the kind of game I'd love to review!


Design (2/5 hats) - I think the concept is funky but overall could be a fun experience if tweaked up.

Audio (3.5/5 beats) - Rocking audio, but with a rhythm game you got to take into account the beats and when the player has to press space. The placing of the green dot would have to be adjusted just right according to the timing, but it would make the game much smoother for the user.

Mechanics (2/5 spacebars) - As I will mention later on, there could be improvements to be made to make the overall experience much more enjoyable.

Art (4/5 bikes) - I think the art could be more in sync in different places like how the buttons were all high tech but the characters in game were wacky. However I thought the art was well done for a game in the Under Judgement section.


Dat Difficulty! (1/5 aliens) - I was thrown into it so quickly that I died pretty instantly the first time I played it. First off, it was hard to understand what was going on with all the flashing colors on screen and things to read when I got started; there was just way too much to focus on. The tutorial did help a little bit but I had to learn a lot of things while playing like how the shots were weighted and had to be aimed properly. It was a huge difficulty spike that I believe could be toned down, either through multiple levels or slowing adding in each of the multiple mechanics. Next, as I mentioned about audio, it was insanely difficult to focus on hitting space at the right time while focusing on everything around, not to mention how small the room for error was.

Coherence (4/5 shots fired) - I think the overall feel in the game worked well together from the tacky artstyle to the funky music. All brought together by some easily understood UI that made the game much more playable.


The overall feel of the game (art, music, UI, gameplay) was an interesting experience. It's a lot of work but if all that I mentioned ends up tweaked, I think it would be a hell of a game to show off.

Ever dreamed of pumping a bike and shooting down aliens while at it? Time to make your dream come true: Tandem Pumping

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Stupid Clicker Game (Incremental)

My friend and I were just discussing the aspects of a good incremental game over the course of our Micro Economic class period so this game was pretty fitting. 


Design (3/5 games) - I love the concept! But I think it could be made to be more fun.

Audio (0/5 songs) - I couldn't play long enough to afford music...

Mechanics (2/5 purchases) - I think it would've been great if I could afford more mechanics faster.

Art (1/5 words) - I couldn't muster the patience to get all the upgrades.


Dragginess (10/500 clicks) - As I mentioned throughout the general review, I really didn't feel the fun in it anymore as the whole games momentum was just really slow after I managed to buy the upgrades. I think this could be improved dramatically by some automation close to the start and/or lower prices to buy stuff. Other incremental games have players feeling very powerful when they click and the automation just eases the mood even further. I understand that it could mean more resources and upgrades being put in but there should be at least the initial power surge through the player at the start.

Beautiful concept (4/5 fixer-uppers) - I absolutely love the concept of this game. A game with literally just one button turns into a beautiful game incrementally. 


Once again, I think the concept is brilliant and I would love to play the game all over again after the design gets a reboot. 

Click your way to $100,000 for yourself right here: Stupid Clicker Game

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

UpUp (Endless)

For the first time, my friend is going to join me in reviewing a game because he just so happened to be sitting right next to me as I was playing the game and he was caught as well.


Design (4/5 rockets) - Staying true to the simple style, I loved it but I believe there could be more mechanics added to make it more replay-able.

Audio (0/5 sounds) - Was it just me or was there no audio?

Mechanics (3/5 orbs) - The game progressively gets harder with more and faster moving orbs but there isn't much else to it which could get boring after awhile. (Or maybe I just haven't got far enough)

Art (5/5 sparks) - Coherent with the simplistic style all around.


Clicks everywhere (1/5 clicks) - After you die you, before you get to refresh you get a popup by NewGrounds and I assume that put there on purpose. The problem I have with it is that the user will have to click on the play button and then the refresh button which are placed quite apart from each other instead of just keeping the cursor in the same place and clicking once.

Smooth art (4/5 particles) -  I really loved the simplistic art style with the beautiful color palette. It was all pretty fitting from birth to death. The only thing I didn't really like was how the engine particles at the back of the space ships weren't really in the correct place when tilted.


I didn't have much to say about it because of how simple it was but it was truly one of the best simple yet fun games I've played. I never felt bored starting the game over and over again. Music would have been awesome though!

To infinity and beyond!!! - UpUp

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Star Eater (Arcade)

In my search for games to review on NewGrounds, very few of the under judgement games stand out. Firstly, star eater's logo was captivating enough despite the unhelpful description which just went "star eater".


Design (2/5 seconds) - I think the concept is pretty cool but there's much to improve on, explained in greater detail below.

Audio (3/5 bubbles) - Overall a pretty simple soundtrack that got the mood going initially but it soon died down. 

Mechanics (2/5 spacebars) - Once again, there's room for improvement. For now the mechanics are smooth though.

Art (2/5 floaties) - The game itself has quite the dizzifying effect with the bunch of "orbs" floating around in darkness. The art could be higher quality, even for a simple arcade game.


What's going on? (1/5 balls) - As I mentioned, I was thrown into the game right away and without a pause or restart button, I had to die and reload before being able to read the description. With that, I would suggest you add those 3 elements to your game (Pause, Restart and Instructions).

Boring Enemy AI (2/5 enemies) - As you go around the map you realize that eventually there will just be three enemies and you also know that all they do is follow you. There isn't anything too difficult about the enemies and later in the game, especially with the boost, they become just more of an annoyance rather than a threat.

Twenty orbs (2/5 orbs) - It didn't make much sense to me that you get such a huge boost right after you collect 20 orbs, Reading the description, I initially assumed you would need to gather them in the middle to get the boost. However, when you put the orbs into the middle you're losing that boost so there's pretty much no point to scoring them in until the last few seconds. 

Spike of power (3/5 sparkles) - I must admit it felt great to have such a spike of power but after the initial 20 seconds or so I took to get those 20 orbs, it didn't seem to get faster or better or anything. The powerups from the boxes didn't seem to have too much effect and the game got pretty plain. 


Overall I think its still pretty entertaining. However, there's a lot of small design improvements that would make the game much better.

Dunk dem stars for yourself right here: Star Eater

Snake Arena (Sports)

Over the weekend, I decided to test my skills at making a very similar game. I called it DingPong and playtested it with my friends just this morning. Other than moving with the typical keys each player can opt to press a button at the right time to shorten the length of the others pong paddle by a little bit. Finding this game was quite a shocking but cheerful stroke of luck!


Design (4/5 snakes) - I loved the overall concept. However, it could use some minor adjustments here and there.

Audio (4/5 beats) - The music was awesome, from both scenes. It filled the atmosphere of the game well.

Mechanics (2/5 keys) - I believe the Powerup system could be improved as well as some minor bugs that I will mention in the Emoview.

Art (3/5 humans) - I'm really intrigued by the concept art of the game however I find it to be ruined by the "glitchiness" of it. I'll elaborate on that later on in this review.


Powerups (2/5 torch lights) - When getting the torchlight, it should only blind the enemy instead of the whole screen, if not there wouldn't be a point in picking it up. Other than that, food feels awesome but adds way too much, and stops adding after a certain length? Also, maybe the powerups or humans should be timed to make it more prominent instead allowing the players to stroll on and pick it up as they please.

Glitchy Art (2/5 misplaced bodies) - I understand that the bodies may not have been designed to be part of the grid lines but it looks quite out of place and it gets confusing at times especially if you try going around in a circle and it's so separated you cant really tell its a single object anymore. Plus, any game would be better with a more coherent art style throughout rather than without one (basically make all the things in your game look drawn in a single style).

I can't reach it! (3.5/5 balls) - This should be a simple fix, the character was too slow to catch up to the ball which didn't jive well with me.

Interface and concept (4.5/5 pongs) - Both interesting, somewhat spooky and cool. The overall feel when playing if not for the incoherence and bugs was exciting and hyped up.


Fun little game worth trying out with friends. Definitely has room for improvement which I certainly hopes happens since its just in beta now. Keep on going, Mr Developer!

Slither around in your own time: Snake Arena (BETA)

Monday, January 25, 2016

Flight O Flight (Shooter)

"Woah, that's a lot of buttons!" - I said to myself as I checked out the description before diving right into the game.


Design (3/5 tutorials) - I believe a proper tutorial for a game with as many controls as this one is a big deal. Will explain more later on.

Audio (3/5 songs) - Its a lovely soundtrack but I don't think it blends well with the atmosphere of the game.

Mechanics (2/5 bombs) - Certainly space for improvement but it seems like its working like it should which is always good.

Art (3/5 oldies) - The art style certainly brings me back to my GameBoy Advance days. However I feel the art in this game could be put together better.


Teach me senpai (1/5 lessons) - I would suggest the developer bring in one mechanic at a time in a game like this, showing us that specific enemies need to be bombed with specific keys. It would've helped a lot before just throwing us in.

Grounded! (1/5 ground strikers) - The ground launchers were a little annoying to deal with, this was primarily because of how much they shoot and also how immobile the player character is. We can move front and back which means after a certain point, we just can't avoid anything that well let alone destroy enemies that we've passed).

I'm alive! ( 2/5 hearts) - Lives here appear more frequently than health does. No matter how much of a terrible player I am, I could just opt to keep collecting hearts to stay alive. I believe it's important in games to make death meaningful and not give out too many lives especially when there's also health pickups available.

Jazz hands (3/5 keys) - It get a little bit confusing as the game progresses because I find myself going all over the keyboard to press the right button to fire. Having to navigate from the M key to the ALT and then back to the Spacebar is hard work especially when you're also dodging enemy bullets. By the way, the quit game button just isn't working for me so I couldn't pause when I had to.

Effort (4.5/5 hard work) - In the end I truly appreciate how lovingly the level seemed to put together, each ship well placed for the difficulty increase through each stage.


Overall a simple and fun game to pass the time. With fixes and more coherent audio and art, I believe there's great potential. Don't stop making games Mr/Ms Developer!

Shoot all em ships up for yourself right here: Flight O Flight

Buried (Endless)

Simple graphics done with an old fashioned color pallet *Swooon*. All right lets get down to business! 


Design (2/5 rocks) - Simplistic design, I don't find too much appeal to it. Its pretty hard to learn right off the bat if you aren't used to wall jumping in typical platformers. 

Audio (4/5 beats) - Absolutely adored the background music! However, I believe everything else seriously got in the way. 

Mechanics (3/5 jumps) - As mentioned before, pretty hard to learn but the mechanics are easily understood as probably intended in simplistic games like these.

Art (4/5 pallets) - I love the art style, I believe the player could have been drawn much better though. Especially since that's what were looking at for the most part.


I don't understand Q.Q (1.5/5 deaths) - For somewhat of a newbie like myself, it was particularly difficult getting started. Not to mention the keys in the description were bogus. I couldn't understand how I was supposed to jump to the other side without instructions and the pop ups at the beginning were quite misleading, I assumed "Wall Jump!" meant I just used the right and left arrows to jump from side to side. I even somehow double jumped once while in the air when I wasn't trying to (I believe that's some kind of bug). 

Disturbing audio (3/5 rock crashes) - The fact that the effect sounds were as loud as the lovely background music really threw me off. The background music was really captivating all it needs is a little more of the spotlight so tuning the effects down properly would do the game good. 

It's the little things (5/5 jetpacks) - Loved the small little things I saw in this already small game. Loved the jetpacks hovering you over the map when you died. Loved how the background music was coherent with everything going on on screen. 


Could use improvement and added mechanics but overall a lovely simple game that could still be very challenging to some. 

Bop bop bop to the top for yourself: Buried

Plein - Pixelday Preview (Skill)

As the developer clarified, "I'm a musician, not a game developer" so I definitely did not set high standards for the game this time round (not like my standards are too high in the Under Judgement section anyway). However, I believe everyone could learn a thing or two from a "low-quality game" as he/she puts it.


Design (2/5 walls) - I couldn't really tell where the walls were, it could've been intentional but I believe that could have been implemented better. Will explain later on.

Audio (4.5/5 songs) - I really applaud the audio, I thought it fit well and got me really hyped up about it. However, I'm sure the transitions from song to song could be better, especially for a musician.

Mechanics (2/5 windmills) - Pretty simple mechanics all round, nothing too unique but hard nonetheless.

Art (3.5/5 colors) - I believe that the world of Plein could be more coherent.


How'd I die? (1/5 deaths) - This was the most frustrating part for me because I could never properly tell when I died. Not only were the flashing lights too far apart for me to tell what were walls but I also sometimes couldn't tell if the wall was vertical or horizontal.

Transitions (2/5 teleports) - By transitions I mean both the music and the level. The music part wasn't too bad but done properly would make a lovely difference. However, the level transitions made a huge difference for me. It was sudden and sometimes unexpected because there wasn't an end level teleport to be seen before I was suddenly in a whole different environment. Worse of all I could tell that I was due to the hypnotic art style.

Le Art (3.5/5 blocks) - Elaborating on what I mean by coherent: The world follows quite a smooth flashing colors style with a smooth looking character. The windmill however felt poorly drawn in comparison. Also, compared to the character, the walls look simply done as well.

Groovy (5/5 would download) - I loved the soundtrack and how it managed to pump up the spirit in such a hard and painful game. Once transitioned properly, the audio would be all around wonderful!


I really hope the developer doesn't take too much offence from this harsh review but I believe it serves a great purpose to all the developer out there. We sometimes learn more from the bad games than we ever will from the good ones.

Epilepsy warning! Totally groovy music awaits~ : Plein - Pixelday Preview

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Titans Tower (Arcade)

ARGHHH DIED AGAIN!??! Yes, its one of those games. Before the comments up ahead I would like to say that Titans Tower is one of the most polished games in the arcade genre that I've seen in quite some time. It does resemble Flappy Bird with a few core differences. I hope I am able to rely on my emotions instead of constantly comparing it to the legendary Bird O' Flappy.


Design (2/5 chests) - Could be improved, described below.

Audio (4.5/5 chirps) - Coherent audio throughout the game, gets annoying as I keep dying but I believe that's intended.

Mechanics (4/5 clicks) - As simple as it gets, one click which is very responsive.

Art (4.5/5 verandas) - Captivating color scheme with a lovely style that sits well together. I think the character could looks a little better though. For example, it looks a little strange whilst running upwards.


No fair! (2/5 deaths) - The random generation makes it seem almost unfair. Maybe its too hard, for example, in Flappy Bird or Timberman it seems simple but people lack the skill. The simplicity is what compels them to continue on. However, with all the things to keep in mind right from the start in this game, it could cause players to give up much faster.

Points (2/5 coins) - I didn't feel like I could pay attention to the coins, to be fair I'm terrible at the game myself (my high score being 3, I swear I passed 10). However, with all the random generation to pay attention to, I felt I needed to survive way more than I needed the points.

Smoooooth (5/5 style points) - The game's overall polish from audio to art made me feel like the game was professionally made albeit being a simple arcade style game.


A little too hard for a commoner, but could easily be as addictive as Flappy Bird once was.

If Flappy Bird didn't scar you enough, here you go you little masochist: Titans Tower

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Colors (Puzzle)

In my quest to rate and comment on the games which are under judgement, I stumbled across a few. Some of which were, as Newgrounds warned, unplayable and were a waste of time. But I believe this is a diamond in the rough that deserves some attention. With that, this post goes out to the developer of colors~


Design (4/5 green dots) - The learning curve that I stress a lot on my blog was good in this game. However I think there's more potential to be explored with the point system that felt pretty useless in the beginning. Also the idle dots don't seem to play much of a role making them pretty irrelevant (Explained in greater detail below)

Audio (3.5/5 pink dots) - I really liked the soundtrack. It was calming and reminded me of my Maplestory days. However I don't think it fits too well with the overall environment of the game. It could use either a little more calmness or action, depends on what you're trying to push for.

Mechanics (3/5 red dots) - I think they're pretty neat mechanics but, as mentioned earlier, not applicable to many of the other dots.

Art (4/5 yellow dots) - Mostly fit a pretty simple set up, I think the death particles and overall interface could be improved though.


Scoring (2/5 precision points) - I felt unhappy with the meaninglessness of the idle dots. That's because after a certain point, the hardest part was to find out how I could make the best points with the moving dots (which is a great mechanic). However, after those 1 or 2 puzzles were solved in each level, I was left slowly killing off the others. I would strongly suggest a more prominent timer to hype players up to get over even the idle ones faster.

Surprise! (4/5 teleports) - I was pleasantly surprised with the mechanics. I honestly thought, "you can cross over dots, okay.. where could it possibly go from here". Gladly played the game to the end to get the answer to that question.

Sneaky little ending (5/5 death particles) - I really enjoyed how I managed to get 23000/23001 at the end, failing the level. I loved the humor surrounding it and I couldn't help but laugh. Good job predicting that one!


Pleasantly surprised after looking through some terrible games. Simple as games get but has great potential to be extremely puzzling!

Readers, try out this simple but unique puzzle out for yourself: Colors

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Untangle 1.5 (Puzzle)

Hello Fellow Emo, I'm pretty sure I should stop reviewing the highest rated games because my ratings are starting to mean nothing since they're all around 4 or 5. Oh well, next week I'll change it up but for now, the highest rated puzzle game :D


Design (3/5 balls) - I wish the developer had let the player progress through the levels with a more smooth curve. (Explained in greater detail below)

Art (4/5 lines) - All fits together in its simplistic style.

Mechanics ( 3.5/5 buttons) - Simple bunch of mechanics but we weren't properly introduced.

Audio (4.5/5 tracks) - Calm music that put the frustration at ease.


Frustration (2/5 pulled hairs) - I'm certain we all need a little bit of frustration now and then to get our blood pumping, to feel great after being rewarded for going through and passing a particular phase in our lives. This is no different, but I feel the mechanics of this game could have been shown to us a little more gently instead of it being as hard as it were immediately from level 2. Giving the player a sense of progress correctly could very well make the game better than it already is.

Fail faster (3.5/5 failures) - As for each game with puzzles involved, players get to understand a neat little philosophy that could be applied to life. The faster you fail, the faster you can get back up to try different things to help you understand. That was a lesson well learnt throughout this game as well.

Mood changer (5/5 mood swings) - Amidst the chaos of the countless frustrating failures, there was a beautifully calming subtle soundtrack that saved the day for me. When I realized what an impact it had on me as a player, I loved it even more!


Overall it was a calming experience, I just wish the learning curve was better laid out. Simplistic game with a unique puzzle solving mechanic.

Twist things out for yourself: Untangle 1.5

On a side note, I will be reviewing games on the Under Judgement section of Newgrounds instead. With that, I hope to offer some actual help to those developers who are trying to get out there and could use a little playtesting comments. Till next time fellow emos~

There Is No Game (Adventure)

Hello Fellow Emo, I must admit that I watched Markiplier play this awhile back so I still remembered how some of the puzzles went which made it much easier for me this time round. Nevertheless, the humour still got me laughing out loud~


Design (4.5/5 squirrels) - Loved how everything fit together, brought me through a short but still emotional journey.

Art (4/5 bricks) - Simple retro art throughout.

Mechanics (4/5 trophies) - The mechanics were really fun to play with, certainly a twist on puzzles. The aim was simply, how fast can you break a game?

Audio (4.5/5 goats) - The audio was certainly what tied it up in the end for me. The feels wouldn't have been as real as it were if it wasn't for the coherent soundtrack.


Rebellion (4.5/5 broken objects) - Reverse psychology feels great when we know the only way to proceed is to rebel. The feeling is especially good with the sounds and image effects that fit well which leads to a truly rewarding feeling.

Fail faster (4.5/5 glitches) - Truly a great philosophy for puzzle games, feels even better when you get the answer after doing something you think is random but makes so much sense.

Don't die on me (5/5 accents) - His humour and relatable voice made me really feel for the person in the game right from the start, I really felt as if I didn't want to hurt him.

The end (5/5 blank screens) - The ending was one that I really liked, the darkness and the music in the end really set my mind to a state of calmness among the climaxes chaos.


Light-hearted game with a strong sense of humour and packed with references. What I truly like was how the game got me feeling for the person inside the game. It goes to show that it really doesn't take much quantity to get players to feel empathy, just the right amount of quality.

A short funny puzzle awaits you: There Is No Game

Friday, January 15, 2016

Witch Hunt (Action)

Hello Fellow Emo, the aim of this blog is to review games firstly regarding a few general characteristics and then thoroughly based on my emotions throughout each game that I find. Most of the games I will review will be free ones from Newgrounds or some others in the future.


Design (4/5 goblins) - Great replay value with all the different upgrades. The different upgrades were slotted in well too, however it began to get confusing after the goblin dealer appeared (will explain in further detail later).

Art (4/5 bats) - Simple and easy going art style. Smart censorship humour that I love!

Mechanics (4/5 wizards)  - Simple to start off and learn throughout the experience.

Audio (4/5 rockets) - Mostly coherent and got the mood setting going.

As this is my first game review, I agreed that the general scores, no matter how perfect the game was, were to not be a perfect score because this game will set the benchmark for the rest of the games I review throughout the year.

Anyway without further ado, where, when and what did I feel throughout the game?


Suggestive main character (1/5 oppais) - Gender equality should be something we strive to achieve in all forms of art. The main characters boobs were emphasized dramatically through certain cut scenes which could feel demeaning to certain players.

Suddenly lots of reading (2.5/5 intelligence points) - The rate at which we were learning about new upgrades and having to decide where our coins went was awesome to begin with. However around the time when the Gobuffs came, I just felt overwhelmed by the amount of upgrades to look out for, not to mention the Gobuff store itself was a little hard to understand. (Suddenly you start dealing with a goblin, random upgrades that are unlike any other things just get slotted in for free? Sure why not, free bonuses... but it felt too random and didn't fit the other upgrade styles in the game)

You're a wizard, Harry! (4/5 fireballs) - The core mechanic of changing between spells was well implemented given that different spell fit well with different situations. It felt amazing once we get to truly understand which spell is right for fighting what or when. It turned me into a wizard!

Difficulty spike (5/5 red armoured spiders) - The difficulty curve was perfect for me in this game, I could really feel the proper amount of difficulty increase throughout the different stages of the game especially after a new powerful upgrade system was introduced to us.


Go play it! The pros outweigh the cons on this simple but addictive defense game. Once you try a little harder and get good at the game, you'll experience a similar effect to mastering your hero in DOTA2. (The feeling of knowing exactly what skill to use for the best outcome)

Try out this addictive defense game for yourself: Witch Hunt