Saturday, March 5, 2016

Chopterfury (Side Scroller)

I'M BACK! All right so I've learnt to live with and love the NewGrounds new games system. There's still an equal amount of new games coming in each day and now they've drastically been able to get rid of the spam from Under Judgement. So now I'll be focusing still on 2 reviews a week, choosing the games on the first page with the most appealing name and pictures in my opinion.


Design (4/5 levels) - It was a pretty fun game overall. Some levels were made to feel awesome which I really like. Other than that, the suggestions and tips before each level are pretty hilarious at times.

Audio (4/5 beats) - Loved the sound, especially since you mention its original. I think there could be more of a variation because this particular sound is just repeated on and on. However, its coherent with the game itself, good job!

Mechanics (4.5/5 powerups) - Absolutely loved the powerup system. Especially how you can have multiple projectiles at once. Just wish the player had more control over which ones he/she picked. Maybe it can be a customizable thing in the future.

Art (2/5 sprites) - The art itself was coherent throughout the game its just that it felt a little amateur.


Can't pause (2/5 buttons) - Despite being able to stop the game to skip the level. I would love to have had a button to exit out to the main menu again once in game instead of having to complete the level.

Bugs (3/5 glitches) - The reason this is rated 3 is because I didn't face many. Sometimes I'd die even if I wasn't really stuck which was a little annoying but that was about it.

Power (5/5 bombs) - You can really feel the power surging through as you collect multiple projectile powerups and start to destroy everything.


It's an overall very fun shoot-em-up side scroller with lots of potential.

Bomb all the terrain for yourself right here: Chopterfury

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