Sunday, March 13, 2016

Zombidle (Incremental)

Alright so I've been working on my own incremental game recently and stumbled upon this gem. This is much less of a review than it is a documentation of things I should learn from when making incremental games. So I'm sorry if I can't offer you anything beneficial to the improvement of your game. Needless to say, I had a ton of fun playing it, great work!


Design (4.5/5 bobs) - There are aspects of the game I think all new incremental game developers could learn from. However, the only time I would say I got bored (even for just a little) was after my revisit to the game. I'll explain all the likes and one dislike of the game later on.

Audio (5/5 screams) - Audio quality and control pretty much perfect from the different volumes set and how it all contributed well to the chaos.

Mechanics (5/5 clicks) - Well integrated system and easily understood interface.

Art (5/5 farms) - Polished and coherent artwork,


Revisiting (3/5 millions) - When I revisited the game I got up to 7M in skulls which I thought couldn't possibly have meant 7 million. That's when I realized it actually was just that and I spent it all to become suddenly super powerful. The effect it had on me was the same as when I use cheats in single player RPG games which, after awhile, makes the game dull because I'm already as powerful as I can be. HOWEVER, this time the difficulty shot up very rapidly and I soon found myself in practically the same place I was yesterday. I didn't expect that to happen and I really applaud the developers on that.

*All the rest are 5/5 so I won't bother rating them, let them just be lessons for myself and future developers.

Clicker is key - Economically the clicker was the best option to get early on in the game which was exactly what it should have been. I was caught into making myself the most powerful tool instead of any of the automated monsters because it just made more sense money-wise.

Running men - Keeps player engaged with great rewards from accuracy while also keeping the player challenged at random times.

Scrolls - Ads feel like a rarity not something that is just put up in every level. Other than that, they give great benefits that increase in duration over time which keeps the player even more engaged.

Chaos is glorious - The damage points, the exploding houses, the burning people, the spell that sends beautiful clicks from the sky.

Godlike - New areas start you off feeling like the most powerful being once you begin because they are broken much easier.


Too addictive. Beware.

Play it for hours for yourself right here: Zombidle

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