Sunday, March 13, 2016

Nidus (Platformer)

A simple one level platformer with a captivating little chick as a character. However, there are something I'm sure you could be doing better.


Design (3/5 birds) - Pretty simple and clear cut design, find these letters and finish the level. However, I believe there are improvements to be made as I'll mention later on in this review.

Audio (4/5 sounds) - Good sound effects and catchy background music, however, and its not a priority, but it would help if you varied the sound effects in terms of pitch so it doesn't sound the same all the time. Therefore, keeping your player a little more engaged.

Mechanics (3/5 hats) - Once again, pretty simple stuff fitting for a simple game. But I think there could be tweaks made as well as I'll mention later on.

Art (4/5 trees) - Simple but I really like the animations, kept the whole experience very serene.


Glitches (1/5 turnovers) - Glitches are a problem in pretty much every game. For example, once when I killed one of the dark birds, it just kept moving but instead upside down. It ended up killing me. I also tend to get stuck often in random areas. Lastly, I didn't actually finish collecting all the letters before finishing the level which just ended anyway (Ended up with NI_US).

Running Blind (2/5 maps) - There was a lot of parts in the game where I had no idea where to go or even if there was any land below me. This was a problem because I found myself just taking the leap of faith a couple times hoping that it was the right place. I believe you could have done it better by letting the player choose or at least see his/her next move rather than an empty space.

Boooost (3/5 feathers) - As fun as the super boost when flying was, it felt crazy fast and exaggerated. I found myself off the map way too many times. A simple fix could be to not increase its upward speed by as much as it is or at least make it visible for the player to see how far he/she is going instead of just feeling like the chick teleported.


Despite all the complaints, it was a very cute little game with some nice sound effects and animations that I appreciate. Can't wait for more!

Attack dark birds with some fancy hats right here for yourself: Nidus

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