Saturday, March 5, 2016

ThunderBolt (Side Scroller)


Design (3/5 jumps) - I believe you could do better with the implementation of randomly generated platforms. Maybe applying a learning curve even, getting harder over time (Maybe there is, I just didn't realize it other than the screen scrolling faster).

Audio (4.5/5 songs) - Loved how well it worked with the retro style of the game!

Mechanics (3/5 slams) - Pretty simple stuff overall, maybe more could be added in the future to toughen things up and make it all the more interesting.

Art (4.5/5 backgrounds) - The game itself is beautiful looking in my opinion, the player sometimes get lost in the confusion of everything going on and the things going on in the background which is a problem. Make your player and platforms stand out and all is well~


Lost (1/5 players) - Like I mentioned earlier, finding the player sometimes was a problem because of all the art.

Impossibruuu (2/5 deaths) - Sometimes it was just impossible to be able to past an obstacle because after slamming there wasn't space or time for me to jump back to the next platform.

Da feels (4.5/5 runs) - Overall the elements worked well to run a mostly well polished game. When I did manage to get the moves down just in the nick of time, the ultimate feeling of pro-ness surged through me which made me want to play all the more.


Beautiful game with a few flaws that, if fixed, would make it one hell of a side scroller. Good job!

Run, jump, slam, repeat right here: ThunderBolt

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