Saturday, January 16, 2016

There Is No Game (Adventure)

Hello Fellow Emo, I must admit that I watched Markiplier play this awhile back so I still remembered how some of the puzzles went which made it much easier for me this time round. Nevertheless, the humour still got me laughing out loud~


Design (4.5/5 squirrels) - Loved how everything fit together, brought me through a short but still emotional journey.

Art (4/5 bricks) - Simple retro art throughout.

Mechanics (4/5 trophies) - The mechanics were really fun to play with, certainly a twist on puzzles. The aim was simply, how fast can you break a game?

Audio (4.5/5 goats) - The audio was certainly what tied it up in the end for me. The feels wouldn't have been as real as it were if it wasn't for the coherent soundtrack.


Rebellion (4.5/5 broken objects) - Reverse psychology feels great when we know the only way to proceed is to rebel. The feeling is especially good with the sounds and image effects that fit well which leads to a truly rewarding feeling.

Fail faster (4.5/5 glitches) - Truly a great philosophy for puzzle games, feels even better when you get the answer after doing something you think is random but makes so much sense.

Don't die on me (5/5 accents) - His humour and relatable voice made me really feel for the person in the game right from the start, I really felt as if I didn't want to hurt him.

The end (5/5 blank screens) - The ending was one that I really liked, the darkness and the music in the end really set my mind to a state of calmness among the climaxes chaos.


Light-hearted game with a strong sense of humour and packed with references. What I truly like was how the game got me feeling for the person inside the game. It goes to show that it really doesn't take much quantity to get players to feel empathy, just the right amount of quality.

A short funny puzzle awaits you: There Is No Game