Monday, January 25, 2016

Buried (Endless)

Simple graphics done with an old fashioned color pallet *Swooon*. All right lets get down to business! 


Design (2/5 rocks) - Simplistic design, I don't find too much appeal to it. Its pretty hard to learn right off the bat if you aren't used to wall jumping in typical platformers. 

Audio (4/5 beats) - Absolutely adored the background music! However, I believe everything else seriously got in the way. 

Mechanics (3/5 jumps) - As mentioned before, pretty hard to learn but the mechanics are easily understood as probably intended in simplistic games like these.

Art (4/5 pallets) - I love the art style, I believe the player could have been drawn much better though. Especially since that's what were looking at for the most part.


I don't understand Q.Q (1.5/5 deaths) - For somewhat of a newbie like myself, it was particularly difficult getting started. Not to mention the keys in the description were bogus. I couldn't understand how I was supposed to jump to the other side without instructions and the pop ups at the beginning were quite misleading, I assumed "Wall Jump!" meant I just used the right and left arrows to jump from side to side. I even somehow double jumped once while in the air when I wasn't trying to (I believe that's some kind of bug). 

Disturbing audio (3/5 rock crashes) - The fact that the effect sounds were as loud as the lovely background music really threw me off. The background music was really captivating all it needs is a little more of the spotlight so tuning the effects down properly would do the game good. 

It's the little things (5/5 jetpacks) - Loved the small little things I saw in this already small game. Loved the jetpacks hovering you over the map when you died. Loved how the background music was coherent with everything going on on screen. 


Could use improvement and added mechanics but overall a lovely simple game that could still be very challenging to some. 

Bop bop bop to the top for yourself: Buried

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