Saturday, January 16, 2016

Untangle 1.5 (Puzzle)

Hello Fellow Emo, I'm pretty sure I should stop reviewing the highest rated games because my ratings are starting to mean nothing since they're all around 4 or 5. Oh well, next week I'll change it up but for now, the highest rated puzzle game :D


Design (3/5 balls) - I wish the developer had let the player progress through the levels with a more smooth curve. (Explained in greater detail below)

Art (4/5 lines) - All fits together in its simplistic style.

Mechanics ( 3.5/5 buttons) - Simple bunch of mechanics but we weren't properly introduced.

Audio (4.5/5 tracks) - Calm music that put the frustration at ease.


Frustration (2/5 pulled hairs) - I'm certain we all need a little bit of frustration now and then to get our blood pumping, to feel great after being rewarded for going through and passing a particular phase in our lives. This is no different, but I feel the mechanics of this game could have been shown to us a little more gently instead of it being as hard as it were immediately from level 2. Giving the player a sense of progress correctly could very well make the game better than it already is.

Fail faster (3.5/5 failures) - As for each game with puzzles involved, players get to understand a neat little philosophy that could be applied to life. The faster you fail, the faster you can get back up to try different things to help you understand. That was a lesson well learnt throughout this game as well.

Mood changer (5/5 mood swings) - Amidst the chaos of the countless frustrating failures, there was a beautifully calming subtle soundtrack that saved the day for me. When I realized what an impact it had on me as a player, I loved it even more!


Overall it was a calming experience, I just wish the learning curve was better laid out. Simplistic game with a unique puzzle solving mechanic.

Twist things out for yourself: Untangle 1.5

On a side note, I will be reviewing games on the Under Judgement section of Newgrounds instead. With that, I hope to offer some actual help to those developers who are trying to get out there and could use a little playtesting comments. Till next time fellow emos~

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