Friday, January 15, 2016

Witch Hunt (Action)

Hello Fellow Emo, the aim of this blog is to review games firstly regarding a few general characteristics and then thoroughly based on my emotions throughout each game that I find. Most of the games I will review will be free ones from Newgrounds or some others in the future.


Design (4/5 goblins) - Great replay value with all the different upgrades. The different upgrades were slotted in well too, however it began to get confusing after the goblin dealer appeared (will explain in further detail later).

Art (4/5 bats) - Simple and easy going art style. Smart censorship humour that I love!

Mechanics (4/5 wizards)  - Simple to start off and learn throughout the experience.

Audio (4/5 rockets) - Mostly coherent and got the mood setting going.

As this is my first game review, I agreed that the general scores, no matter how perfect the game was, were to not be a perfect score because this game will set the benchmark for the rest of the games I review throughout the year.

Anyway without further ado, where, when and what did I feel throughout the game?


Suggestive main character (1/5 oppais) - Gender equality should be something we strive to achieve in all forms of art. The main characters boobs were emphasized dramatically through certain cut scenes which could feel demeaning to certain players.

Suddenly lots of reading (2.5/5 intelligence points) - The rate at which we were learning about new upgrades and having to decide where our coins went was awesome to begin with. However around the time when the Gobuffs came, I just felt overwhelmed by the amount of upgrades to look out for, not to mention the Gobuff store itself was a little hard to understand. (Suddenly you start dealing with a goblin, random upgrades that are unlike any other things just get slotted in for free? Sure why not, free bonuses... but it felt too random and didn't fit the other upgrade styles in the game)

You're a wizard, Harry! (4/5 fireballs) - The core mechanic of changing between spells was well implemented given that different spell fit well with different situations. It felt amazing once we get to truly understand which spell is right for fighting what or when. It turned me into a wizard!

Difficulty spike (5/5 red armoured spiders) - The difficulty curve was perfect for me in this game, I could really feel the proper amount of difficulty increase throughout the different stages of the game especially after a new powerful upgrade system was introduced to us.


Go play it! The pros outweigh the cons on this simple but addictive defense game. Once you try a little harder and get good at the game, you'll experience a similar effect to mastering your hero in DOTA2. (The feeling of knowing exactly what skill to use for the best outcome)

Try out this addictive defense game for yourself: Witch Hunt

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