Sunday, January 24, 2016

Titans Tower (Arcade)

ARGHHH DIED AGAIN!??! Yes, its one of those games. Before the comments up ahead I would like to say that Titans Tower is one of the most polished games in the arcade genre that I've seen in quite some time. It does resemble Flappy Bird with a few core differences. I hope I am able to rely on my emotions instead of constantly comparing it to the legendary Bird O' Flappy.


Design (2/5 chests) - Could be improved, described below.

Audio (4.5/5 chirps) - Coherent audio throughout the game, gets annoying as I keep dying but I believe that's intended.

Mechanics (4/5 clicks) - As simple as it gets, one click which is very responsive.

Art (4.5/5 verandas) - Captivating color scheme with a lovely style that sits well together. I think the character could looks a little better though. For example, it looks a little strange whilst running upwards.


No fair! (2/5 deaths) - The random generation makes it seem almost unfair. Maybe its too hard, for example, in Flappy Bird or Timberman it seems simple but people lack the skill. The simplicity is what compels them to continue on. However, with all the things to keep in mind right from the start in this game, it could cause players to give up much faster.

Points (2/5 coins) - I didn't feel like I could pay attention to the coins, to be fair I'm terrible at the game myself (my high score being 3, I swear I passed 10). However, with all the random generation to pay attention to, I felt I needed to survive way more than I needed the points.

Smoooooth (5/5 style points) - The game's overall polish from audio to art made me feel like the game was professionally made albeit being a simple arcade style game.


A little too hard for a commoner, but could easily be as addictive as Flappy Bird once was.

If Flappy Bird didn't scar you enough, here you go you little masochist: Titans Tower

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