Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Colors (Puzzle)

In my quest to rate and comment on the games which are under judgement, I stumbled across a few. Some of which were, as Newgrounds warned, unplayable and were a waste of time. But I believe this is a diamond in the rough that deserves some attention. With that, this post goes out to the developer of colors~


Design (4/5 green dots) - The learning curve that I stress a lot on my blog was good in this game. However I think there's more potential to be explored with the point system that felt pretty useless in the beginning. Also the idle dots don't seem to play much of a role making them pretty irrelevant (Explained in greater detail below)

Audio (3.5/5 pink dots) - I really liked the soundtrack. It was calming and reminded me of my Maplestory days. However I don't think it fits too well with the overall environment of the game. It could use either a little more calmness or action, depends on what you're trying to push for.

Mechanics (3/5 red dots) - I think they're pretty neat mechanics but, as mentioned earlier, not applicable to many of the other dots.

Art (4/5 yellow dots) - Mostly fit a pretty simple set up, I think the death particles and overall interface could be improved though.


Scoring (2/5 precision points) - I felt unhappy with the meaninglessness of the idle dots. That's because after a certain point, the hardest part was to find out how I could make the best points with the moving dots (which is a great mechanic). However, after those 1 or 2 puzzles were solved in each level, I was left slowly killing off the others. I would strongly suggest a more prominent timer to hype players up to get over even the idle ones faster.

Surprise! (4/5 teleports) - I was pleasantly surprised with the mechanics. I honestly thought, "you can cross over dots, okay.. where could it possibly go from here". Gladly played the game to the end to get the answer to that question.

Sneaky little ending (5/5 death particles) - I really enjoyed how I managed to get 23000/23001 at the end, failing the level. I loved the humor surrounding it and I couldn't help but laugh. Good job predicting that one!


Pleasantly surprised after looking through some terrible games. Simple as games get but has great potential to be extremely puzzling!

Readers, try out this simple but unique puzzle out for yourself: Colors


  1. Thank you for the review. Im sharing this with my friends

  2. I also made some changes based on your observations. Thank you again