Monday, January 25, 2016

Flight O Flight (Shooter)

"Woah, that's a lot of buttons!" - I said to myself as I checked out the description before diving right into the game.


Design (3/5 tutorials) - I believe a proper tutorial for a game with as many controls as this one is a big deal. Will explain more later on.

Audio (3/5 songs) - Its a lovely soundtrack but I don't think it blends well with the atmosphere of the game.

Mechanics (2/5 bombs) - Certainly space for improvement but it seems like its working like it should which is always good.

Art (3/5 oldies) - The art style certainly brings me back to my GameBoy Advance days. However I feel the art in this game could be put together better.


Teach me senpai (1/5 lessons) - I would suggest the developer bring in one mechanic at a time in a game like this, showing us that specific enemies need to be bombed with specific keys. It would've helped a lot before just throwing us in.

Grounded! (1/5 ground strikers) - The ground launchers were a little annoying to deal with, this was primarily because of how much they shoot and also how immobile the player character is. We can move front and back which means after a certain point, we just can't avoid anything that well let alone destroy enemies that we've passed).

I'm alive! ( 2/5 hearts) - Lives here appear more frequently than health does. No matter how much of a terrible player I am, I could just opt to keep collecting hearts to stay alive. I believe it's important in games to make death meaningful and not give out too many lives especially when there's also health pickups available.

Jazz hands (3/5 keys) - It get a little bit confusing as the game progresses because I find myself going all over the keyboard to press the right button to fire. Having to navigate from the M key to the ALT and then back to the Spacebar is hard work especially when you're also dodging enemy bullets. By the way, the quit game button just isn't working for me so I couldn't pause when I had to.

Effort (4.5/5 hard work) - In the end I truly appreciate how lovingly the level seemed to put together, each ship well placed for the difficulty increase through each stage.


Overall a simple and fun game to pass the time. With fixes and more coherent audio and art, I believe there's great potential. Don't stop making games Mr/Ms Developer!

Shoot all em ships up for yourself right here: Flight O Flight

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