Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snake Arena (Sports)

Over the weekend, I decided to test my skills at making a very similar game. I called it DingPong and playtested it with my friends just this morning. Other than moving with the typical keys each player can opt to press a button at the right time to shorten the length of the others pong paddle by a little bit. Finding this game was quite a shocking but cheerful stroke of luck!


Design (4/5 snakes) - I loved the overall concept. However, it could use some minor adjustments here and there.

Audio (4/5 beats) - The music was awesome, from both scenes. It filled the atmosphere of the game well.

Mechanics (2/5 keys) - I believe the Powerup system could be improved as well as some minor bugs that I will mention in the Emoview.

Art (3/5 humans) - I'm really intrigued by the concept art of the game however I find it to be ruined by the "glitchiness" of it. I'll elaborate on that later on in this review.


Powerups (2/5 torch lights) - When getting the torchlight, it should only blind the enemy instead of the whole screen, if not there wouldn't be a point in picking it up. Other than that, food feels awesome but adds way too much, and stops adding after a certain length? Also, maybe the powerups or humans should be timed to make it more prominent instead allowing the players to stroll on and pick it up as they please.

Glitchy Art (2/5 misplaced bodies) - I understand that the bodies may not have been designed to be part of the grid lines but it looks quite out of place and it gets confusing at times especially if you try going around in a circle and it's so separated you cant really tell its a single object anymore. Plus, any game would be better with a more coherent art style throughout rather than without one (basically make all the things in your game look drawn in a single style).

I can't reach it! (3.5/5 balls) - This should be a simple fix, the character was too slow to catch up to the ball which didn't jive well with me.

Interface and concept (4.5/5 pongs) - Both interesting, somewhat spooky and cool. The overall feel when playing if not for the incoherence and bugs was exciting and hyped up.


Fun little game worth trying out with friends. Definitely has room for improvement which I certainly hopes happens since its just in beta now. Keep on going, Mr Developer!

Slither around in your own time: Snake Arena (BETA)

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