Friday, February 12, 2016

Tandem Pumping (Rhythm)

Woah woah Newgrounds, slow down! I went on a 4-day holiday to come back and find that there's only 2 games in under judgement. Whats worse is that I come back after dinner to find it replaced by three more... I have no idea what's going on but I guess I'm going to have to write this one quickly especially since its the kind of game I'd love to review!


Design (2/5 hats) - I think the concept is funky but overall could be a fun experience if tweaked up.

Audio (3.5/5 beats) - Rocking audio, but with a rhythm game you got to take into account the beats and when the player has to press space. The placing of the green dot would have to be adjusted just right according to the timing, but it would make the game much smoother for the user.

Mechanics (2/5 spacebars) - As I will mention later on, there could be improvements to be made to make the overall experience much more enjoyable.

Art (4/5 bikes) - I think the art could be more in sync in different places like how the buttons were all high tech but the characters in game were wacky. However I thought the art was well done for a game in the Under Judgement section.


Dat Difficulty! (1/5 aliens) - I was thrown into it so quickly that I died pretty instantly the first time I played it. First off, it was hard to understand what was going on with all the flashing colors on screen and things to read when I got started; there was just way too much to focus on. The tutorial did help a little bit but I had to learn a lot of things while playing like how the shots were weighted and had to be aimed properly. It was a huge difficulty spike that I believe could be toned down, either through multiple levels or slowing adding in each of the multiple mechanics. Next, as I mentioned about audio, it was insanely difficult to focus on hitting space at the right time while focusing on everything around, not to mention how small the room for error was.

Coherence (4/5 shots fired) - I think the overall feel in the game worked well together from the tacky artstyle to the funky music. All brought together by some easily understood UI that made the game much more playable.


The overall feel of the game (art, music, UI, gameplay) was an interesting experience. It's a lot of work but if all that I mentioned ends up tweaked, I think it would be a hell of a game to show off.

Ever dreamed of pumping a bike and shooting down aliens while at it? Time to make your dream come true: Tandem Pumping

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