Saturday, February 6, 2016

Stupid Clicker Game (Incremental)

My friend and I were just discussing the aspects of a good incremental game over the course of our Micro Economic class period so this game was pretty fitting. 


Design (3/5 games) - I love the concept! But I think it could be made to be more fun.

Audio (0/5 songs) - I couldn't play long enough to afford music...

Mechanics (2/5 purchases) - I think it would've been great if I could afford more mechanics faster.

Art (1/5 words) - I couldn't muster the patience to get all the upgrades.


Dragginess (10/500 clicks) - As I mentioned throughout the general review, I really didn't feel the fun in it anymore as the whole games momentum was just really slow after I managed to buy the upgrades. I think this could be improved dramatically by some automation close to the start and/or lower prices to buy stuff. Other incremental games have players feeling very powerful when they click and the automation just eases the mood even further. I understand that it could mean more resources and upgrades being put in but there should be at least the initial power surge through the player at the start.

Beautiful concept (4/5 fixer-uppers) - I absolutely love the concept of this game. A game with literally just one button turns into a beautiful game incrementally. 


Once again, I think the concept is brilliant and I would love to play the game all over again after the design gets a reboot. 

Click your way to $100,000 for yourself right here: Stupid Clicker Game

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